Fall/ Winter 2020 changed Grand Lake.

Late October brought surprising changes to Grand Lake. We have learned how amazing our fire department and first responders truly are. 

We are all available to show you properties by appointment. Presentations can be emailed to you for each of the properties
featured on our website. If you choose to drive by first and check out the setting, we can guide you to each by emailing a map or 
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If your chosen agent does not answer, call Donna and I will help until they can get back with you. Donna Ready 970-531-3333

Due partly to Corona Days, there are many who more than ever want to own property in Grand Lake, Colorado. They learned during March and April that they could work from home, so as dreams come true, why not work from a vacation home? We are here to help you. This area is a special, healthy retreat, and Grand Lake's "end of the road in the winter" may now be more enticing than ever. 

2020 brought us a terrific summer of sales. In addition to many lakefront properties, cabins, homes and commercial properties, a lot of land is selling, and that part of our market had been slow for years. Fortunately for real estate, life goes on... People still need to sell (to move to a lower elevation, etc.) and others are eager to own (to improve their lifestyle, whether part time or full time). No matter what is happening around us, real estate is active and we keep selling properties. Inventory was low already and we expect values to remain where they are despite the changes the fires have made to our landscape. We still have our lakes and mountains, our community and each other.

Color fliers on properties are outside our door along the boardwalk and on our green signs on the properties for sale as you drive around. We are fortunate to be able to work from home and follow up with you via email and telephone, and meet you when you come in person. We continue to keep all information up to date on our website and on the front range /Denver Metrolist; that MLS populates to Zillow, Homes.com, etc. so that properties have full exposure to any of you who would like to become a part of the Grand Lake area.

Our free Grand Lake area Calendars for 2021 will be available by early December. Call or email to be sure that you are on our Calendar list so that you can wrap up one or more and have them under the tree for your "special someones" to open during the holidays.

Wishing for Grand Lake to be a part of your life in 2021...
Donna Ready


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Shared by Lisa in our office - Life in Grand Lake during Corona Days:
Grand Lake Friends,

Many of you have asked me what it is like in Grand Lake during this time of Corona.  We can all agree it is like no time that any of us have experienced.  Yet, in many ways it remains the safe haven that we all know and love; the lakes are almost thawed, the birds have returned, it is still snowing off and on as usual, the traffic is minimal and there is a sense of calm hanging in the cold air over our three serene lakes.

I am sharing this synopsis as a record of what "Corona time" is like here because one day (hopefully soon) this will all be a memory.  As one of my colleagues said, "We will wake up and our houses, our buildings, our restaurants and our minds will be cleaned and refreshed, ready to start anew."

Early on, a drive-through CoVid testing station was set up in our old school parking area, manned by the crew at the fire station. The branch office of Middle Park Health remains open in the old school building (now known as the Grand Lake Center) with an ambulance parked outside for safety. There are still only 5 confirmed cases in Grand County, which has been the mark for several weeks even though testing remains on-going.

Most businesses are closed but the trusty Sagebrush, Grand Lake Pizza and El Pacifico are open and delivering from the windows. Leona at Jumpstart Coffee and Chris at Bighorn Bagels next to our office are open on a take-out basis. The Mountain Market and Rocky Mountain Grocery are open to the public and fairly well stocked. Social distancing is not a problem in either of those businesses.  City Market and Safeway are open and somewhat stocked up except for paper goods. One-way isles, masked consumers and a sense of anxiety are pervasive in these places. The parking lot is 75% full almost every time we drive by.  All are taking online orders and delivering them to your car if needed. Ace Hardware in Granby is open and is probably too busy to truly enforce social distancing given the tight quarters; however, they are trying curbside delivery as well.  Let's face it, we need paint and supplies for all of those home projects that we have time for now!

My daughter continues her virtual schooling; this may be a new normal for many students for some time.  We do school and real estate business in the morning, drive/walk through town and watch the ice cracking and melting at the lake (simply to get out of the house).  Then like most of you, we do something physical at home; projects like painting, organizing, cleaning, biking or exercising in the afternoon.  We have made candles, cards and cooked complicated, delicious dishes (Bob and Lily) which our friends and neighbors have enjoyed. 

The post office is the busiest place in town with new plexi-glass from ceiling to desktop. The live theater made the difficult decision to cancel the three summer shows yet hopes to offer us other events later.

And the local economy... although real estate in Colorado was deemed an essential business, we have chosen to keep our public office closed since we are often a hub of activity.  We are all working daily on keeping our transactions moving along and emailing new listings to our many prospects. Although three transactions were cancelled due to the uncertainty of the times, most are are just "pausing" and will come back once our world has settled down a bit. 

Our recent purchasers said, "Owning in Grand Lake is something that is a positive light in this time of Corona, something to look forward to when this passes." One couple bought land and all of this extra time gave them an opportunity to sit down and envision their new Grand Lake home.  The others bought to provide a safe legacy for their grandkids and are enjoying being "Safer at Home" in a quiet, safe place.

I hope all of you who are staying safe in place in the front range, neighboring states or wherever you are will enjoy this brief glimpse of what life is like in Grand Lake these days.  Please stay in touch.
Lisa, Tigerlily and Bob Simpson
If you need us to check on anything, walk through a home or business or just want to reconnect, do not hesitate to call, email or text us.